This page has supplemental material for the book Long Term Person, Short Term World. This material also has standalone value and I invite you to download even if you're not a reader.

(NOTE: I will NOT ask for your e-mail address for this material. I'm NOT trying to create a mailing list.)

4 Steps to Assessing, Altering, & Improving Personal Productivity and Goal Management

Good goal management requires that you take stock of where you're at and what you're going to do. In other words, you must: 

  • Assess your current trajectory ("Where am I currently headed?")
  • Brainstorm your aspirations ("Where do I want to go?")
  • Conceptualize your goals into actionable steps ("How do I get there?"), and
  • Determine your resources ("What will get me there?")

These worksheets will help you go through the above 4 steps. 

Step 1 - Assessing Your Current Trajectory - Worksheet

Step 2 - Brainstorming Your Aspirations - Worksheet

Step 3 - Conceptualizing Your Goals - Worksheet

Step 4 - Determining Your Resources - Worksheet

Profiles of Long Term People

As time permits, I'm going to add profiles here of people going through the 4 steps described above. Some will be real, others fictional. The purpose is to provide an example of how these steps play out; this will help you on your own quest. 

Anjelica, the corporate illustrator who yearns for creativity in her career and side projects. (She's a lot like you, me, and everyone we know.)

Productivity Journals

I use a series of journals (a monthly "short term" journal and a 5-year "long term" journal) to sustain, improve, and track my productivity. My system is designed to be very simple and to balance both the creative and analytical sides of my brain. It's easy and flexible enough to stand the test of time. You can see how I set it up here.