I ask questions.

"Where's Binky?" I asked my mother.

She explained I was a big boy now, and big boys did not use binkies, so she put it somewhere because I would not need it anymore. But this did not answer my question. I asked about Binky's location, not its appropriateness! I asked where, she answered why and how

I never learned where Binky went, and I don't remember how my toddler brain processed this confusion. But I'd like to think it was the first time I realized there are always better questions to ask, and better answers to find.

I am currently asking questions about the following topics: 

  • policy and organizational learning efficacy
  • diffusion of policy ideas, experiences, knowledge, and best practices
  • innovation, particularly related to alternative energy
  • writing processes
  • productivity, organization, and workflows
  • paradigm shift from environmental to sustainability law and public policy
  • why mitigating climate change requires learning efficacy, and why most are asking the wrong questions  
  • the role of policy implementation, technological innovation, and public-private partnerships
  • how the "laboratories of democracy" ideal could be realized by policymakers, utilities, and businesses if they started asking better questions



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