Tony Soprano is Alive, and He Meditates

I find it weird when people think meditating is weird. Because everyone meditates.

Call it what you want, but when you are zoning out, or wishing for something, or In The Zone doing work, or praying, or experiencing that amazing feeling when you first wake up and lie there for 10 minutes before having to do a thing... you’re meditating. The only difference between those moments and “actual” meditation is that, in the latter, you mindfully sit down, do nothing, and try to think nothing. It’s a difference sure, but not enough of one to make one meditation and the other not. 

Even Tony Soprano meditates.**

All of us fortunate enough to have watched the Sopranos remember those moments when Tony looked out over the water, Las Vegas, or his pool, smoking a cigar, and thinking real hard. Walter and Skylar White did the same, and I bet even Joseph Molesley did (or does?) Each mindfully sat, sensed, and explored his/her thoughts. They were meditating.

No need for sitting legs crossed with fingers touching. 


**Note the use of the present tense. This is because he did not die in the final episode. Of course, he might have died since then, but I choose to believe he is alive. I hope he woke up this morning and grabbed the newspaper from his driveway while wearing a bathrobe, smoking a cigar, mumbling about AJ’s latest failure, and dreaming of sushi



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