2 Very Simple Life Hacks to Improve Your Morning Productivity

At the end of the day, when I've accomplished most of my day's tasks, the last thing I want to do is plan tomorrow's.

It's time to watch Mad Men or Game of Thrones

And, because we are living in the golden age of television, I often feel tempted to stay up later. 

I know, however, that planning tomorrow's most important tasks makes me much more effective because I can wake up and get right to work. And if I get started on an important task right away, the momentum will carry me through the rest of the day. I also know that seven or more hours of sleep makes me a more effective, and all-around better, person.

So what to do?


Every day's task list begins with:

1.) Sleep at least seven hours

2.) Do ___________. [Important task.]

So, in effect, my day starts the night before when I make the decision to go (or not to go) to sleep. And I only pressure myself to think of one task for tomorrow. 

So far, working pretty well. 

Tim Ferriss post to follow. 




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