‘Nimbleness’ in 191 Words

At the risk of being hyperbolic (which of course means it is hyperbolic), nimbleness is one of the final frontiers of productivity.

First, its definition:

Nimbleness is the ability to act long term when the short term world rears itself.

This can take many forms. Here are some examples off the top of my head (they’re on the top of my head because each happened to me recently): 

  • spouse’s knock on the office door; 
  • lightning ruining a run; 
  • the infant up all night.

It’s easy, at this point, to close up shop: 

  • Well, I was interrupted, guess I’m done for the day.
  • I’ll go for a run tomorrow. It’s gonna be beautiful out.
  • I’m tired, I’ll just plop on the couch and binge Netflix!

The truth is: there’s often a way to still be productive. Maybe not on the task or exercise you planned on doing… but on something else that you can do:

  • I can jot down where I left off, answer my spouse’s question, then get back to work.
  • Yoga it is!
  • Since I’m tired, I guess I can clean the kitchen or brainstorm some ideas.


That’s nimbleness.


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