One more website I bought that I will probably never do anything with. :  a repository for daily failures

We all fail, in big and small ways, every day. 

The first step in avoiding a repeat of that failure is to admit it. But this is where the Resistance sneaks in and gives us an excuse so we don’t have to bare the shame. 

But if there’s a place to go to anonymously announce your failure — then maybe you’ll be more inclined to do so. 

Let’s try it out. From my journal, here are three failures from my past three days. 

  • My Omnifocus Inbox is overflowing. I promised myself I’d do something about it — it was even on my to-do list — but I didn’t.
  • I went to bed three hours later than I wanted to, throwing me off the next morning. Whoops. 
  • When my daughter is engrossed in some activity, I’ve developed a bad habit of pulling my phone out and perusing. Every time she looks up, I feel shame and put it away. Yet a few hours later…

Like Winston Churchill said, I'll jump with enthusiasm from these failures to more. But in admitting them, I'm hopefully eliminating some and mitigating others.




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