To Produce, You Must Offend

To be productive, you must offend others. Or, at least, that's true for me.

First I learned to put up the red stoplight on GChat, and I got more done. "How rude!" they said.

Then I stopped signing onto GChat at all. "Oh, we must've IMd him when he had his red light on too many times."

My phone kept vibrating, so I turned off notifications for e-mail. Then for texts. It was liberating.

Then, during my Pomodoro, I put my phone on Do Not Disturb so I received no notifications whatsoever. "My own son won't pick up the phone when I call! And when I ask why, he says something about a tomato!"

Then I left it on Do Not Disturb for a whole day by accident. 

It was awesome.

Now I leave it on Do Not Disturb on purpose. (Except when I know my wife is going to call... or when I am waiting for pizza.)





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