Why Productivity Apps are Perfect for the Apple Watch

I do not have a strong opinion on whether or not the new Apple Watch will go the way of the iPhone or the XFL. But this is what I do know: productivity apps make much more sense for a watch than for a phone.

Productivity has its own category in the App Store, and with good reason. There are numerous productivity apps, and more are being added as you read this. The problem, however, is that improving your productivity via one of these apps requires looking at your phone, which is the doorway to infinite distractions. 

There's a neat app called Timeful, for example. It learns your energy patterns and schedules your to-dos based on them. But I don't want to have to look at my phone after every task to see what the next task is. If I do that, I'm prone to read and reply to a text or "quickly" check my e-mail. To me, at least, the benefit of Timeful, or any other phone-based productivity app, is lost because the medium itself is so distracting.

Enter the Apple Watch.

Is that enough of a reason? Probably not. But it's one. 


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